Saturday, August 25, 2007

Come to Guadalajara!

Because of Dean (the hurricaine) it has been raining a lot here. Almost every day, most of the day. That's not common anymore. I mean, even 1999 it was normal to rain a lot on July, August and September, but since 2000 everything changed. So now, it's kind of strange.

Anyways, today I was on my way to the airport. My parents were coming, for my parents traveled to do some business. So I went on my mom's car, so I got a CD to play it while driving. Among my CD's I found one that Pauline (from West LA) gave me. She chose some music for me, but you know Pauline, definitely that music is not for fast driving. You know, I usualy drive something like 100 to 120 km/h (around 60 to 75 miles/h) in the city, and 160 km/h (aprox. 100 miles/h) on highways. But I enjoy the CD very much when I drive like a human being (60 to 80 km/h - 30 to 50 miles/h), or just to hear it in my computer while doing my stuff.

Thing is that in the CD, track number 1 is a song called 'Come Clean' (Hilary Duff), and at the begining of the chorus says 'Let the rain fall down...' So Pauline told me that it was better to hear that song in the rain. And that's what happend just today. (You know, it's 2:00 AM, but I haven't go to sleep yet, so 'today' I mean 'yesterday.') And suddenly I felt like kind of lonely. For two months S. Jeremy from Toledo was here, and Pauline was here for a month, and I had a great time with these guys. But after the Latin American SBC, I was by my self.

I had some people here in Guadalajara, my cousins Paul and Sarah Chung, and Agi Toh from Chicago, and each time they go, I feel the same. So some times I wonder if it's a good thing to have guest or not. I miss you guys. S. Jeremy is coming back for sure, at least on December, 'cause his gonna get maried. But, Pauline, are you coming back some day? Agi, are you? Paul and Sarah, do I have to invite you so you may come? We (Guadalajara UBF) are gonna have our SBC... wait, our ABC (Autumn Bible Conference) on the third week of November, and Jeremy&Elizabeth's wedding is on December, so come. Hope you may come.

And also, everyone is invited, not just them. Just tell me when you're coming, so I can be prepared. There's no place in all Mexico like Guadalajara. In fact, almost everything the world know abut Mexico, comes from Jalisco (Guadalajara is a city, and Jalisco the state where Guadalajara is): Charros, mariachis, tequila; and also a lot of different dishes. (Although most americans get sick on the first week... I don't know why.)

So, should I say 'See you soon around here'?

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hannah love said...

I want to visit one day!

heheh she gave you music with hillary duff! thats funny

and i didn't connect that you were cousins with paul and sarah
i just saw paul last weekend.

come visit canada one day!

Yisus said...

Wow casi las dos de la mañana, yo no se como le hiciste para levantarte a la oración de la mañana de la fraternidad. :)

Pastores Jeremy & Pauline, los extrañamos en Guadalajara!!!

P. José de Jesús

Pauline Chin said...

john, that cd IS good for fast driving! like fort minor's remember the name, right? and the song "its just a ride" by jem always reminds me of you hahah but i guess most of it is just chill driving music. i thought you wouldnt like the hilary duff song but isn't it terrific when it rains? :) i think jeremy is going to send me a wedding invitation so i really hope i can go. seriously john, you were one of my closest friends in guadalajara, and im so thankful for your friendship and brotherly love. i miss hanging out with you guys alot, eating lunch with you guys at cucei was usually the highlight of my day. i definitely want to visit again, i still need to eat seso tacos & shrimp burgers! :) HEY MISTER YOU NEED TO COME TO LA! you are always invited, and now that conf is over and you wont be going back to school for a couple of months, you should totally come! theres a staff conf in september...ask your padre :)

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