Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hasta la Vista!!!

Since I bought my new laptop (about a month and a half), I had Windows Vista, since it was the operating system that came with the computer. I liked it pretty much, because it looks a lot better than Windows XP. It has a lot of detalis that makes it look better: transparent window edges, the way it changes from a window to another, all the tool bars, etc. But (there's always something wrong, since it's from Microsucks... I mean, Microsoft) the thing I really didn't like was COPATIBILITY. 50% of the programs will work, but about 40% of the software hardly works, and 10% won't work at all.

Please, come on, one thing Microsoft was good in was backwards compatibility. It's not the best thing to do, but the should either keep doing it or to tell the users that it doesn't have backwards compatibility. I wouldn't mind if it they do a hole new system. But no, they wanted to keep doing that absurd backwards compatibility, but they didn't do it well. New software works perfectly on Vista, but I still live in a third class countrie, so I use a lot of old software that doesn't work on it.

Also, I don't know why, but it seems that they spent a lot of time thinking about security, but at the end it became anoying. Internet security makes conections very slow. To install any program you have to click too many 'Next', 'OK', 'Continue', 'Yes', 'Agree' buttons.

I wanted to try Vista, but I had enough. The things I didn't like about XP look like just fine compared with Vista. So, farewell Vista. Some day I'll look for you again, but not this year, and I think neither next year. But, may be some day.

I spent all night installing XP and all the drivers. I had a hard time with the sound card, because the driver that came with my laptop was for Vista, so I had to look for it in the Internet. Anyways, my computer is done. I hope I don't have more problems.

For now, I'll write Daily Bread and go to sleep.

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hannah love said...

everyone seems to be complaining about vista
they shouldn't have released it until it was PERFECT
xp really isn't THAT bad heh

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