Friday, August 17, 2007

Having some fun.

I've been watching some Asian movies lately and I think they're better than the Holywood ones. Some times I think I'm too Korean because I prefer Asian things. Am I too Asian? Any ways, there are a couple good movies I recomend, if you have time:

Azumi (Film 2005)

It's about a band of assasins trained by a samurai. The story is based in a Japanese manga, so as you can imagine, it has a lot of unreal things. But still, it's not that much exaggerated.

The photography is very nice. The acting is not that great, but enough for the type of movie that it is. But it has a lot of blood. A LOT. Very manga.

(I have to stop watching these type of movies... I'm gonna get my own katana. Hahahaha...)

Natural city (Film 2003)

I liked very much this movie. I has everything: a love story, friends loyalty, action, martial arts, sci-fi. What more do you need for a movie? Acting is not that great, but good. The plot is like many sci-fi movies, a guy that falls in love of a cyborg that her expiration day is very close so he does a lot of crazy things to keep her alive, bla, bla, bla.

Still, a very cool movie. I didn't know Koreans can do this kind of movies. Very amazed. I thought they only did love stories, school guys stuff, or about the very ancient Korea. Thnigs for kids, girls or old people (with all due respect).

Anyways, it's worthed to watch it.

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