Friday, August 31, 2007

Hide and Seek

Pascal, Gauss, Galilei, Newton, and other scientist gathered together. After catching up, they decided to play a game, so they decided to play 'Hide & Seek.' So Gauss started to count:
- '1, 2, 3,...' -

The rest began to hide. Bernoulli hid under the bed, Socrates hid in a closet, etc. Suddenly, Newton find out that there was no place to hide any more, so he drew a square on the floor and stood up on it. Finaly, Guass finished counting:
- '...98, 99 and 100! Redy or not, here I come!'-

He turns around and Newton was just there, so he says:
- 'I found Newton that is standing in front of me!' -
- 'You're wrong, my friend, I'm not Newton, I'm Pascal.' - says Newton.
- 'What are you talking about? Of course not. You're Newton. I know you!' - Cryed out Gauss.
- 'No.' - Newton replied - 'I'm telling you that I'm Pascal. Don't you see that I'm Newton over a square meter?'

(Nice, right? Thanks Dave. - A friend from college.)

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Pauline Chin said...

................i suppose i should expect such nerdy humor from someone who names his dog after a physicist :)

HEY so i have a favor to ask you and from past experiences, this is how i would imagine the conversation to go:

pauline: could you show me some pictures from pastora isabel's wedding?
john: NO.
pauline: thank you!

but really...THANKS ;) cant wait to see them haha

Yisus said...

JAJAJAJA, aunque me hizo reir (un poco) el chiste, si pienso también que es humor nerd (o mejor dicho de ingenieros).

las fotos de la boda estan en picasaweb en el album de UBF o sino en

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