Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Les Luthiers

I wish you all know Spanish!!! These guys are the best of the best. They compose their own music and they do their own instruments. The most amazing thing is that they all have a music degree and another different degree too. Just fantastic!

Show 1: Concerto Grosso alla Rustica

A little example of what these men can do. A combination of a chamber orchestra and Latin American style. And the guys from the chorus, just great singers!!!

Show 2: Lazy Dazy

One of the few songs in English. The instruments used for this song are guitar and bass-pipe avara (an instrument that they created). (This is from an old show, I think it was from the 80's, there's one from 1995, but I think the old one is better for some reason. Oh, and in the new one they don't use the bass-pipe avara, just the guitar.)

Hope you like them and enjoy as much as I do. I love these guys. I mean, each time I hear them, I laugh out loud; but when I watch them... it's something else... out of this world.

I'm gonna translate some of their songs so you may know what they are singing, but that's gonna take some time. They have one or two more songs in English, but they're not that good. The ones in Spanish are better.

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Yisus said...

Que tal Pastor John... recuerdo que al final de los ensayos de la orquesta vimos algunos de los conciertos de estos luthiers, fue muy divertido.

Esta chido tu blog.

see you...

hannah love said...

hehe this is rather funny

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