Monday, October 8, 2007

Hi Cali!!!

No time to take something interesting. When I thought about taking a picture, it was too late. But LA is interesting. I think it's gonna be two good weeks. But the best thing is that it is very nice to met with Pauline again.

The picture in the right is a hall in one library at UCLA (I forgot the name of the library).

For now, I shall rest.

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Yisus said...

wow!!! que rápido recibimos noticias tuyas. Que bien que ya esten en LA. Saludos a P. Pauline.... y a P. Hannah.

Toma muchas fotos que quiero conocer LA: también...

pauline said...

my biggest regret from mexico was not daily writing in a journal and remembering what i did each day. im so happy you guys came, i really missed tapatios :) see you thursday, and tell me how you like universal studios!

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