Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The march of the unqualified

Usually I don't post this often, but I have a lot of time to wait until my next apointment. I'm in Chicago, so there's nothing to do but to wait. So I was reading John H. Armstrong's blog and found this clip. I liked it a lot, so Mr. Armstrong, and I hope you too.

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pauline said...

hi pastor john! wow i havent visited your blog in so long, i was just wondering how you were doing :) how is your USA tour going?

John Rhee said...

Hey!!! How are you!!! Long time no see you! Well, I mean, no read you... hahahaha... It's been very nice to be here. I'm very happy to see old friends calling me 'Cousin', and having news about some of them that are going to get married soon.

What about you? How are you?

Richard A. Choi said...

found you cousin amigo

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