Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What can be better that to serve God?

I thank God that he lets me serve his ministry. I'm serious when I say that I'm a very bad leader. I have a very hard character and when I'm under pressure I use to yell on everyone and get mad because I'm stressed. But still, He is teaching and training me to serve him.

Last year we had so many activities, that I didn't have a time to take a breath. Even going to LA became a big training, it was my first time to prepare and deliver a message in english. Last year was tough, and this year that is starting, seems to be even tougher. But I'm glad and very greteful that my Lord wants to use me.

Even when I got tiered helping here and there, doing this and that, I'm very happy. Also, God has blessed me a lot. On December, at christmast servece, we had 20 Sunday worship antendece in our fellowship. Also Brisa, from CUAAD, is studying the Bible very loyally, and there are some more sheeps that are very faithfull to Bible study at CUAAD. God also gave us four disciple candidates that we are praying to rose them as disciples this year so they may become shepherds next year. And there are a lot of blessings I received last year.

What can be even better that to serve God? Not even having a Lamborghini Reventon or winning a Novel Prize.

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Yisus said...

no conocí a brisa, me hubiera gustado mucho platicar con ella.

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