Monday, February 25, 2008

There is something fishy.

Meaning - If there is something fishy about someone or something, there is something suspicious; a feeling that there is something wrong, though it isn't clear what it is.

That's what my poor fish think of me. Last year I abandoned the maintenance of my fishtank and some living creatures died. Among them, I'm really sorry that my peppermint shrimp died, 'cause I had to wait about two months to get them. But well... I'm starting again.

-> My fishtank
  • 300lt (about 80gal)
  • Around 20kg of liverock (about 44lb)
  • RedSea aragonite
  • RedSea Prizm protein skimmer.
  • Dolphin canister filter 1500
  • Dolphin canister filter 300
  • 1 heater 35W
  • Light T5 JBL Marine blue/Marine day

-> Fish
  • 1 purple dartfish
  • 1 six-line wrasse
  • 1 singapore angelfish
  • 2 clarkii clownfish
  • 3 pajama cardinalfish
  • 5 green chromis

-> Invertebrates
  • 1 blue starfish
  • 1 blood red fire shrimp
  • 1 banded coral shrimp
  • 1 astraea conehead snail
  • 1 tube anemone
  • 1 feather duster fanworm
  • 10 dwarf red tip hermit crab
-> Corals
  • Button polyps
  • Leather coral
  • Bullseye mushrooms

It's hard to take a good picture of most of them. I did what I could. The blood red fire shrimp is almost imposible to take a good picture unless I'm feeding them. He won't come out if there's no food. Also I didn't take pictures of my snail nor hermit crabs because I forgot. Anyways they are not that much interesting. They're the tank-cleaning service team.

Banded coral shrimp. One of my first shrimps in my fishtank. Many people think he's a crab because of his long and big claws, but he's a shrimp. Some times I buy shripm (the ones we eat) and give him, and he will take it from me.

Pajama Cardinalfish. I got these ones very recently. They don't swim very much. Just stay where they are. But when they get scared, they swim and hide very fast.

Clarkii clownfish. I have a pair. One of my first ones too. They got very big. But I'm thinking of changing them. I might return them to the store and get a couple of ocellaris or pecula clownfish.

Bullseye mushrooms (background). Also one of my first adquisitions. Very hardy. They don't like places with strong curents. I had the just below the skimmer's waterfall and they didn't want to open. I changed them to the bottom and they started openning very big.

Tube anemone. Experts say that this isn't an anemone because blablabla characteristics. Anyways, it's known as tube anemone. I also give him some shrip or fish and he'll eat it. The greenish part at the center is his mouth, and the purple things are tentacles wich he use to grap some food and take it to his mouth. Very interesting character.

Singapore angelfish (yellow, black and white). One of my newest adquisitions. Very shy. It's hard to see him. He's always hiding, but eventually he comes out to nip some algae or look for food. But to see him, you have to remain at a certain distance from the fishtank and wait without doing any fast moves, or he'll get scared.

Blue stsarfish (blue, hahahaha...). I thought he was going to die. Since I didn't do maintanience for a long time, many fish and invertebrates died. My starfish lost one leg too, but now he looks like he's fighting to survive. He won't go around the fishtank as he used to do, but he keeps moving around the same rock. I hope he makes it to live.

Feather duster fanworm. He's the little thing int he background that just looks like a feather duster. When he gets scared, he pulls his feather in to his tube.

Leather coral. The white one on the top. My newest adquisition. Just got it on saturday. I'm still trying to make corals live in my fishtank. It's very hard to mantain a coral, but I want to try.

Green chromis. The blueish fish in the picture. Sometimes they look blue, sometimes they look green. Most of the times they school to swim, but sometimes they swim by themselves.

Six lines wrasse. He's a very fast swimmer. I had to take a lot pictures to get one good one. Or, well, almost good. I like his colors.

Purple dartfish. Dartfish because when scared, they swim so fast that look like a dart flying. I use to have few more. Well, one purple one more (two in total), two fier dartfish and three scissortail dartfish. All passed away, but thisone. I'm waiting for the store to have some more of these to add them to my fishtank. A very cute fish. He comes out only onces a day, around noon, and then just to eat at afternoon.

My pets. Gauss and my fishtank. Somepeople don't think of fishtanks as pets. I use to think that way too. But I'm starting to change my mind. Maybe a fishtank is not as fun as a dog, wich you can play with, but I can spend hours just watching my fishtank.

I don't recomend having a marine fishtank, unless you're gonna commit with it. Too much work. But at the same time, I don't like freshwatter fishtanks. They're just too boring. In a marine fishtank there're a lot of shapes and colors. Also they are amazing. But it's hard to keep. If you're not going to commit with it, just get a dog. It's way much easier (and noisy, fun, expensive, fun, dirty, and fun).

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Yisus said...

Ese Gauss en la ultima foto se ve muy bonito.... creo que solo se porta asi de bien contigo, a nosotros nos quiere morder

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