Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fishtank reloaded

I did some rearrangements to my fishtank.



I got rid of my two clarkii clownfish, because they were bothering too much to my new oscellaris. I had to change a little bit the rocks to catch the clakiis. I think I like it more the way it is now.

I also added new equipment, two powerheads to make create more waves and current. Also it has plants. It was kind of difficult to get them. There aren't that much marine plants these days at stores.

The angelfish is comming out more often. I don't know if it's because of the rockwork, his new mates, the plants, the current, or a combination of everything, but I'm happy to see him more often (although he didn't come out for the picture).

New specimens:

2 oscellaris clownfish. These are the ones I always wanted to have. They are just gorgeous, but still to small in my fishtank. I hope they make it to survive and grow a little bit more. I love their colors and the way they swim. The thing is that I had bad experiences before. The first ones died within a week. But these ones were about a week at the petshop, so I expect a little bit more about them.

2 fire dartfish. In the picture there are three, but one died. May be stressed because the purpule dartfish is being kind of agressive. I read they're not agressive even within the same kind, so I don't know what's happening.

Green mandarin fish. One of the most amazing creatures because of the colors. I haven't get a good picture, I hope some day I may take one good picture.

Scooter blenny. It's from the same family as the mandarin fish, but the colors are different. Mandarins has some great colors, but the scooter has camouflage with his surounding. Some times you can't notice it unless he moves.

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