Friday, April 25, 2008

Sel not spel

A recently hired salesman wrote his first sales report to the home office after working in his territory the first week. It shocked the sales manager because he suddenly realized that he had hired someone who was illiterate. Here's what the report said: "I went and seen this outfit which ain't never bot nothin from us befour and I sole em a good order. Now I'm movin on to Nu Yourk."

The manager was in panic. But before he could get hold of the salesman to fire him, he received a second report. It said, "I done been hear fer too days and sole them haff a millyon"

Then the manager was really confused. He couldn't keep an illiterate salesman, but he couldn't fire a salesman who had outsold everyone else on the sales force. So he did what every good middle manager does: He dumped the problem in the lap of the company's president.

The next morning, everyone in the sales department was amazed to see the salesman's two letters on the bulletin board along with the following memo from the president: "We bin spendin weigh two much time tryin to spel in stead of tryin to sel. Lets all try to get our sails up. Reed these too letters from hour best salsman. He’s doin a grate job and all you shud go out and do like he done.”

(Fragment from Your road map for success - John C. Maxwell)

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