Friday, September 19, 2008

Kinda strange

I applied to a course at my college. I still don't know how it is called in english. In spanish we call it "diplomado." I was looking at the dictionary and it says "Certify." Is it right? Because I also looked at the word "diplomade" and it says it is a term used only for physicians that have taken some kind of test before a group of specialists. Maybe certification is the right word in english. It is a course that I take only one day per week for five hours.

Anyways, whatever 'diplomado' is in english, I returned to school yesterday and I remembered many things. The course is in a new building. When I graduated I just saw thouse buildings. The only reason I went to those new buildings was because of a conference in one of the new auditoriums. But Tec de Monterrey is gonna be Tec de Monterrey for ever. The classroom was exactly the same as the other classrooms at the old buildings. The mood was exactly the same, and the way people talks, exactly the same. I loved it. I felt as fish in the wather (this is an expression in spanish that someone felt very confortable. I don't know if english is the same, I'm sure there is some expression like this, right?)

But one thing I was thinking is that it has been a while sice I had any kind of class. The closest to a class I had was last year when I went to LA and Sh. Abraham gave a Bible study but it was more like a class than an usual UBF Bible study... but I got asleep during 'Bible class' (don't take ir wrong, it wasn't because Sh. Abraham's class was boring or I wasn't interested, it was because that's the way I am. I usualy get asleep during classes, no-mater what class it is.) During class I remembered so many things, among them, that I'm sooooo not used to classes anymore, which made me think that I don't know what I'm gonna do when I go to gradschool...

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