Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I hate web translator. If you want an idea of what a text says, you might want to use one. But never trust them. Translators translate are kind of acurate, but just kind of. There are key words that does not translate corectly, so it changes the idea of a sentence, even when the words are corectly translated.

Look this example (I got the sentence from a forum):

In Spanish
Título: El emigrante

Texto completo: -¿Olvida usted algo? - Ojalá.

Autor: Luis Felipe G. Lomelí.

El emigrante, me parece genial, porque en un título y en una frase, ha podido describir y definir el gran dolor del emigrante, que es el no poder olvidar jamás sus orígines, su país, y la lucha interna por lograrlo alguna vez. Ojalá.

In English
Title: The Emigrant

Full Text: - you forgot something? - I wish.

Author: Luis Felipe G. Lomeli.

The emigrant, I feel great, because a title and a sentence has been able to describe and define the great pain of the migrant, which is not ever to forget his origins, his country and fighting for it ever. Hopefully.

I was amazed with Google translator. It is the best web translator I have ever tried. It translated very well the short sentences, but the corret translation should be something like:

I think the emigrant is great, because in one title and one phrase has been able to describe and define the great pain of the emigrant, which is not be able to ever forget his origins, his country and the internal fight to achieve it some day. Hope so!

See, the differences are subtle, you can get the idea more less, but not the exact idea. It is always better to look at the dictionary, or ask someone for help.

May be some day I'll be able to trust them, but not today.

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